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Call for papers

The call for papers is NOW OPEN.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 31 January 2023.

We welcome proposals in French or English and will be pleased to accommodate online participation in conference panels.


The themes of the Agorae

The ESIL 2023 will convene 12 agorae, 10 based on the following 10 themes, and 2 based on Agora proposals submitted by ESIL Interest Groups.

Agora 1 : Fairness and International Criminal Law

Agora 2 : International Law in the Anthropocene Era : Where is fairness ?

Agora 3 : Agora proposed by selected ESIL IG

Agora 4 : Fairness and Human Rights Law

Agora 5 : Fairness, Natural Resources, Shared Resources, and Common Spaces

Agora 6 : Fairness and International Litigation

Agora 7 : Fairness in the Allocation of Maritime Spaces

Agora 8 : Fairness and the Law of International Responsibility

Agora 9 : The Law of Investments: Is this still Fairness ?

Agora 10 : Agora proposed by selected ESIL IG

Agora 11 : Fairness and the Guardians of Peace and Security

Agora 12 : Fairness and Unfairness in International Health Law : Challenges and Perspectives